Friday, February 12, 2016

It Looked Bigger on Instagram

I take a fair bit of ribbing from friends in my guild - for being a zealous blogger, for matched binding nearly everything in sight, for seemingly always sewing on some new project. And then at our last meeting, it was something else, teasing me that the quilts I share at sew and tell often aren't as large as they seemed to be on Instagram. Kinda silly, but true enough, I guess.

It's something I've thought about though - what validates me as a serious quilter? Do I have to consistently create bed-sized quilts? I think not. I once had a white board above my sewing machine, and among other things there was a set of measurements and two words - 68X72 TOO BIG. In the early days of machine quilting, it was a reminder to me that a quilt bigger than that was a struggle - basically beyond what I was comfortable quilting. With time and experience, my 'too big' measurements have grown, but still, the bigger the quilt, the more frustration I feel. For that reason plus the simple fact that smaller projects keep my interest and thus get finished quicker, I often choose to make lap-size quilts and smaller. That way the whole process is easier to handle, a comfortable canvas on which to try new techniques or just sew for the fun of it. So yeah, I'll make the occasional big quilt, but mostly, you'll find me embracing projects somewhat smaller. So just be warned. They may look bigger on Instagram.