Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Studio Three :: Mailing Supplies

It wasn't my intent to create a series on studio improvements, but I guess by writing a third installment, that's exactly what I've done. Number one - recovering my ironing board, and number two - building a design wall, are both upgrades I've been really happy with. They make my time in the studio so much better. And number three may seem a bit random and insignificant to some, but for me, I know it'll be a destresser, and something I've thought of doing for a long time: gathering all my mailing supplies in one spot.
Here's what I've collected:
  • A variety of sizes of zip-loc and other plastic bags; the unboxed ones saved from mailings I've received
  • Several sizes of mailing envelopes, both Priority and manila
  • A roll of packing tape
  • A Sharpie for addressing said packages
  • Business cards, which I include in each mailing
  • Washi tape to secure plastic bags shut or for decorating envelopes
In doing this I was reminded that I've been out of return address labels for a long time, so I hopped over to vistaprint and ordered some! It would be nice if I stocked up on some notecards too, since sometimes I want to include a note.

If you participate in bees or swaps at all, you'll understand why doing what I just did will be so beneficial. Looking at this photo of the inside of my desk drawer, I can count 5(!) different locations in the house (2 outside of my studio) where these items were previously kept. And getting packages ready to mail off has always been a huge chore for me, so hopefully that will no longer be the case. Hmmm. What next?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday at the {QuiltCon} Table

Several times when meeting up with internet friends at QuiltCon, it was mentioned that they missed my Tuesday at the Table feature being more regular. And I kinda do too, even though after a while it just wasn't easy to keep it up consistently. But because of that and the fact that I am still emerging from that post-QuiltCon fog, I thought I'd do a quick post on table experiences at the event.

My first major meet-up was with the gals from Mid-Century Modern Bee.

The meet up was at Max's Wine Dive, which was conveniently across the street from my hotel, and the group was a nice mix of original, current, and new members, most whom I had been sewing with for 3 years.
Chipotle Sweet Potato Hummus with Vegetables & Grilled Flatbread 

Coffee meet-ups were great chances to squeeze time with friends into our jam-packed days! Marci/@marci_girl and Leanne/@shecanquilt are 2 long-time blog friends, and I was especially pleased to finally meet them in person and spend some time with them, along with Marianne/@MariQuilts, who I had 'met' online more recently.

(l-r) @snippetsofsweetness@aquilterstable, @shecanquilt, @MariQuilts, @marci_girl

Then there was an after-Moda party meet-up of the Bee Sewcial bee and friends on infamous 6th Street. This is my newest bee, so it was great to make a personal connection with them.
One of my most interesting foodie experiences was brunch at Max's again with Leanne. I had been wanting to try breakfast tacos, since I'd heard they were a 'thing' in Austin. Well I don't know if I missed it on the menu or what, but after eating one, I mentioned how yummy they were to the waitress, and asked her to remind me what kind of meat they were made with. I think I kept my cool pretty well when she nonchalantly replied, 'goat'. (yikes) Not my norm by any stretch but in all reality they were absolutely delish!

I also managed to grab a quick lunch at Iron Works BBQ with Rachel (below) . . .
and dinner at Micheladas with Nicole/@mamalovequilts. Another great evening was spent at one of my favorites, Annie's CafĂ© & Bar with guild-mates Jessie/@onetinyhouse and Allison/@rockallisonroll, where among other things, we shared their infamous Chili & Honey Brussels Sprouts with candied walnuts, parsley. Yes sirree!

Rachel and I had the best random rendezvous with Adrianne/@onthewindyside and Anne/@ihaveafabricproblem at Cafe Crepe, roomie Marci/@marci_girl and I grabbed a quick bite at Burger Bar as we were out combing the streets for a #youareheremug (success at Starbucks #5!). And on our last night in town, us roomies had a delightful evening at Carmelo's with Leanne/@shecanquilt, and MariAnne/@MariQuilts.Whew! What good food and lovely meet-ups though unfortunately no photos.

So after all the busy-ness of QuiltCon, daughter dear and I had nearly a full day in Austin before catching our plane. The weather was bitterly cold, but that didn't stop us from seeing the town a bit, starting with breakfast at Caffe Midici, reportedly the best coffee in Austin.

We braved trying out Uber for the first time so we could visit the darling Stitch Lab for a last fabric hit before leaving town, then took it over to Moonshine, which had been on our list to try. We liked pretty much everything about it!

Flavored popcorn, local brew, cornflake fried chicken salad, warm bacon dip

And lastly, due to our flight's 2 hour delay, we had the chance to try one more Austin landmark at the airport, The Salt Lick. Ok, that fortified us for our flight home!
Well this post sure turned out long and blurry-instagram photo-heavy, but thanks for letting me share it all so I can come back now and then and savor some tasty memories!