Thursday, July 2, 2015

Double the Hexies

When I wrote about my first encounter with modern hexies, I figured there would be more in my future. Maybe not many, but some. I had an equal amount of the gray Sketch for another backing as well as plenty more hexies basted up. I kind of wanted to try a different layout, but I loved the first so much I just did it again. I had in mind to orient the second grouping the opposite way and make a 'pair'. Except I miscalculated on where I began my gluing (how? why?), so it's not quite the image I had hoped for. But you get the idea.

Overall this time went much smoother. At Nicole/Modern Handcraft's suggestion, I got a Fineline tip for my glue bottle and that made things a lot less messy. I bought a pack from Alyssa/Pile O'Fabric and used the 'super flow' one, which was still a pretty fine line. On a side note, Alyssa has a really terrific shop - oodles of quilting and bag-making supplies in addition to beautifully curated fabric and lots of patterns. Anyway, the finer glue tip really helped and I had those babies glued down in no time.

Quilting was equally quick and fun as before. I love the look when finished! Personally, the quilting's what 'makes' this technique, for me anyway.

So again, the hexies were a mix of Kate Spain's Sunnyside and Cuzco - don't they go great together? And binding was also Carolyn Friedlander's Crosshatch, but this time in Tangerine. And it finished at 18"x22" - such a fun and manageable size to qualify as a quick project once you have your hexies ready to go.

So I think that'll be it for my little foray into modern hexies, at least for a while. I'll keep adding to my Modern Hexies Pinterest board, and who knows? I might be inspired to give them another go.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fresh Sewing Day

If I could only share one thing this Fresh Sewing Day, it would be Monochrome. It may not have been accepted to the challenge I made it for, but it's plain and simple my favorite thing I've made in a while. I pretty much enjoyed the whole process with this one, and am still pleased that I was clever enough to include that black and white stripe. So there you go.

But the month did hold more. Like these two impromptu minis - A Step Towards Home and Those Modern Hexies. In both instances, I randomly decided to try something new to me, and both were very fun. 

Actually, I just finished another modern hexie mini last night, but since I haven't blogged about it yet, I think I'll just share a sneaky peek.

I can't seem to make it through the month without some non-quilt projects, now can I?

And finally, another challenge finish - Mod Irish. All in all it was a good month. So let's see what's next!

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ETA: Well what did I know? Went to link up and I guess Fresh Sewing Day is no more. It was fun while it lasted. Thanks, Lynne.