Friday, December 9, 2016

That's Not Me

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, reading some very lovely posts - gifted quilters waxing philosophically about their quilts, charged with meaning. I love reading those posts and sometimes they even touch me where it counts. But again, I came to the realization that that's not me. Very few of my works have meaning in that way. I find fabric I love and create designs that I love, using techniques that I love, and it all feeds me in a very real way. But anything deeper than that? Not usually.

I sometimes ponder whether or not someday that will be me. When the fullness of the work day doesn't in some way follow me home at night. When the weekends aren't so drenched in simple relief at being away from it all. When the focus isn't so much on recharging for the coming week. I wonder.

But meanwhile I sew. Just because. Any deeper meaning is rarely an impetus. I just sew.