Wednesday, September 17, 2014


For 2 days after returning from vacation, I was basically wiped-out. Whether it was travel fatigue or let down from all the excitement, I don't know, but I didn't really have the energy for much.

But then, catching up on my blog-reading, I got thinking that if I just started sewing something new, maybe I'd snap out of my fog. And then I saw Camille Roskelley's post with her new Daysail patterns.
It was Mini Saltwater that caught my eye. At 15" square, I figured it would be a quick jump-start back into the studio. Though the pattern calls for fat eighths or 10" squares for the blocks, what I had was partial and full charm packs of most of Camille's fabric lines. I like mixing them up so with that thought, Saltwater went scrappy.
 And it did the trick! I really enjoyed each step, and am a tad closer to getting back in the groove.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday at the Table

Have you ever felt like the whole world knew about something super tasty and you just found out? That was me after our recent trip to Italy and I did a Pinterest search on spritz aperol. I mean why hadn't anyone told us before? 
Luckily, we had discovered the Spritz in Venice at the beginning of our trip, so now we know and even though it might be considered a summer beverage, I couldn't take the risk of you not knowing about it!
The recipe is right on the back of the Aperol bottle, though it seems traditional to fiddle with the proportions, and we were rarely served a Spritz without at least some peanuts or chips - usually a quite nice array of muchies, which just added to the moment. But at any rate, spritzing our way through Italy was great fun, and it hasn't been forgotten even now that we are home. Just sayin'.